Sometimes, Most of the person want to be the successful one.They want to earn much more money, want to own an excited life and want to more and more. Their wishes become more expansion, but their quality and vision are not growing as fast as their wishes.

Since last year, I played many more roles,for my work and for my life.

Everyone plays some roles, such as A Father、A Son、A Husband、A Leader、A company、A man、A boy... Just as myself. The one who want to play all the roles well is really so hard. I can not say I played all the roles well, but I am proud to say I really hardly to try. I can deal with all my work smoothly, I confidently and proudly for our company. I play with my daughter, shop with my wife, massage with my parents in my little free time, I want to treasure every second in my home.

Since now, One boy in my mind, He also played much roles, He want to work hard to make his family better, He want to do the work that his leader don't assign him now. I like the boy just as my brother, I want to see his growth and progress. He has many many more wishes, but he might not do his work now actively. I said to him you must do your work now actively, do your work more and more perfect, your leader mightly assign you more chances, If you can not play your current role OK, you can not earn other's more and more trust.It's the facts.

A Team, A family, Everyone must play the role better and better for himself.

Tips: More english, more love.





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